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PWSCC - Working for a Better Community

We Have “Made A Difference”



Prior to 1970 NO ROADS in Potomac-Westmoreland Shores were paved. Through the efforts of the PWSCC most roads have been improved and work will continue until all roads are state maintained. State maintained roads increase property values, provide access for mail delivery, school busses, and emergency vehicles as well as comfortable routes of travel for residents.

Dry Fire Hydrant

The PWSCC placed a dry fire hydrant at the boat dock, actually with out-of-pocket donations by members. This provides access to a water source in case of fire and lowers insurance rates.


The PWSCC, working with other communities in Westmoreland County, has been able to secure lower water rates (although minimal) for residents and continues to work for improved water quality and lower rates. The association has a representative on the Westmoreland County Private Water System Users Board. Attorney’s fees for our suit against the water company were paid by the corporation, other property owners associations and with out-of-pocket donations by members.

Community Building

The community building is maintained by the PWSCC and is available to members for a minimal fee. The building has a large meeting room, fully equipped kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. The grounds and deck overlooking Monroe Bay are suitable for outdoor activities i.e., picnics, barbecues, games.

Pier and Boat Ramp

The boat ramp is available for members of the association along with non members who live in the community i.e., those who provide for maintenance through the purchase of a membership and a key or just a key. There are 45 slips available for rent at reasonable rates to members only.

Community Action

The PWSCC communicates with other civic groups and with county officials in order to maintain a comfortable and secure environment for our residents.


Beach Areas

Trash receptacles with regular pick-up as well as grass cutting at the three beach accesses along Shore Drive are services provided by the PWSCC. The beach area is cleaned and graded on an as needed basis. Here are some pictures from previous Beach Cleanups...



Lights are provided at the PWSCC building, entrances to the beach, and the dock area.

Activities for Children

Activities are planned for the children in our community, usually Christmas.

Family Entertainment

An attempt is made to provide several activities each year for the membership.

Neighborhood Watch

The building is used by the Neighborhood Watch for committee meetings and other activities.

Leash Law

Through the efforts of the PWSCC a Leash Law was enacted in 1987 for Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores.

Shooting Ordinance

Through the efforts of the PWSCC a Shooting Ordinance was enacted in 1979 for Potomac and Westmoreland Shores.

Speed Limit/Signs

The PWSCC together with the Neighborhood Watch have placed 25mph speed limit signs, new stop signs, and reduced speed ahead signs throughout the neighborhood.

Bus Service

The PWSCC Board of Directors worked with Bay Transit Authority and the Colonial Beach Advisory Committee to provide bus service for the residents of Potomac and Westmoreland Shores. Regular routing was discontinued because the citizens did not use it. Service is still provided on a needs basis with a telephone call to the transit authority.


The PWSCC maintains all signs at the dock, building, entrances to the beach areas and roadways leading into the community.

Community Service

An attempt is made to remember members in times of sickness and distress.

Disaster Assistance

The PWSCC Officers worked to secure aid from FEMA (with limited success) following Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and are prepared to act again in the event of another disaster.

Board of Supervisors

PWSCC maintains an open line of communication with the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors for ongoing community concerns and attends Supervisors' monthly meetings as required.