****  UPDATE 03/07/2018  ****
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Helping Hands

Helping Hands Information

In an effort to help residents in our community the Civic Corporation has begun a HELPING HANDS PROJECT. Our Helping Hands committee has been busy at work collecting names of residents and members of the PWSCC who live in our area. The committee met at the civic center to stuff Valentine bags with donated homemade cookies and other items to deliver to our list of names. For Valentines Day we delivered 33 bags within our community.

If you would like to donate funds to this project for the future, please send a check to PWSCC, Box 251, Colonial Beach, VA 22443. Please be sure to mark your check for the Helping Hands Project. All monies donated will be used strictly for this project.

If you would like to be called, when the need arises, for food donations or other needs for our residents, please call on Samantha Blackburn (224-0299) and let him put your name on a calling list.

If, as a member of the PWSCC, you are living close to residents in need, we ask that you please let us know. You may call Samantha Blackburn with this information.

The following members of the PWSCC have volunteered to help with this:

Samantha & Blackie Blackburn
41 Greenway Drive

Christy Rosario
323 Rolando Drive

Earle & Mary Payne
18 Mount Vernon Drive