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PWSCC History


In 1912, on November 16, the will of J.H. Sebastian transferred the area now known as Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores to Sam Barrack.  Upon his passing, this land was given to his three sons, Benjamin O. Barrack, Charles H. Barrack, and William S. Barrack.

On May 23, 1952 these three gentlemen conveyed 20.1 acres of this property to the Potomac Shores Development Corporation.

On June 16, 1957, the first organization meeting was held for the Potomac Westmoreland Shores Civic Association. Charles H. Barrack was present at this meeting, as were residents of both Potomac and Westmoreland Shores neighborhoods.  Thus our community was born.

On November 18, 1959, Parcel I (the Potomac Westmoreland Shores beach area), Parcel II (the community center), and Parcel III (boat ramp and marina) was deeded to the trustees "to hold in trust for the use and benefit of all the property owners os Westmoreland Shores Subdivision, Sections 1,2,3 and 4."  Note that these trustees were residents of both Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores, and these sections noted included both neighborhoods.

On August 3, 1962 a certificate of incorporation was granted by the State of Virginia for the Potomac Westmoreland Shores Civic Corporation, thus legalizing the association of both neighborhoods formed in 1957.

On September 7, 1972, as the trustees (residents of both Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores) are getting on in years, the parcels noted above (I, II and III) are conveyed to the Potomac Westmoreland Shores Civic Corporation and "that the Party of the Second Part [the community of Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores] shall enjoy quiet and peacable possession thereof, free from all encumbrances..."

And the PWSCC continues to this day, working for the benefit of all residents of Potomac Westmoreland Shores.

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