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Membership is open to all home owners or year-round renters in the Potomac Westmoreland Shores Community. Annual membership is good from April 1 through March 31. A person seeking membership in the PWSCC must first determine if their property is situated on at least one of the streets in the Potomac Shores or Westmoreland Shores subdivisions.

To see the list of street in the subdivisions please click on the following: Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores Street Names . Note than the private road portion of Barracks Beach Drive (end), along with Sylvan Glade, are no longer considered a part of Potomac-Westmoreland Shores Community (see settlement of complaint in documents section).

The membership (and slip) application form is available for printing online and should be mailed to:

P.O. Box 251
Colonial Beach Va. 22443.

Membership Application


Membership Fee is $40
Boat Ramp Key with membership is $50
Ramp Key without membership is $100, and
Boat Slip Fees are available by contacting Dock Master: dockmaster@pwscc.org

Membership since 2002


The following is the PWSCC membership for some of the years since 2002:

2002 was 177,

2003 was 189,

2004 was 205,

2005 was 209,

2006 was 209,

2007 was 125,

2008 was 172,

2009 was 180,

2012 was 187

2013 was 153

2014 was 148

2015 was 142

2016 was 146

2017 was 139.