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Payne's Point

Paynes Pt a.jpg

Part of the tract of land in upper Westmoreland County known Payne's Point in Colonial times is called Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores today.  Place Names of the Northern Neck describes this area as: "Payne's Point · Tract + Westmoreland Co., on the point of land called Paynes Point on the north shore of Mattox Creek (Hallows Creek). The tract, patented by John Hallowes (Hallows) in 1650, was named for Daniel Payne, a Baltimore shipping merchant who settled at this place in 1750. It was also the home of James H. Payne, nephew of Dr. Ferninando Fairfax."  It goes on to describe the actual point as, "Paynes Point  · Point of land. Westmoreland Co., on the north shore of Mattox Creek at its mouth. 38o12'33"N, 76o57'50"W"  The Historical Atlas of Westmoreland County, Va. (shown in the image at left) by David W. Eaton, Oak Grove, Va. maps out the boundaries of Payne's Point when John Hallows patented 328 acres on June 8, 1650.  Click here to see a present day sattellite image of this area.