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Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores Street Names

Street Names


A person seeking membership in the PWSCC must first pass the Property-Street test.

The PWSCC By-Laws state:
ARTICLE - III MEMBERSHIP Section 1. Real property owners of record and year-round renters in the Potomac-Westmoreland Shores subdivisions, who are eighteen years of age or over are eligible for membership.

Therefore, any person over 18 who owns or rents year-round property on at least one of the streets listed below is eligible for membership in the PWSCC.  There are other requirements that must be met. But this is the primary one for membership.  A prospective member should obtain a copy of POTOMAC - WESTMORELAND SHORES CIVIC CORPORATION BY-LAWS from one of the Board of Directors or from the PWSCC web site <By-Laws> to learn these requirements.

 Potomac Shores and Westmoreland Shores Street Names

Updated:Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 2:54:36 PM

  •  Alma Ln.
  •  Alta Vista Dr.
  •  Avalon Dr.
  •  Barnes Blvd.
  •  Barracks Beach Dr.
  •  Beach Dr.
  •  Bonnie Del Dr.
  •  Cedar Ln.
  •  Earl Ct.
  •  Fort King Dr.
  •  Greenway Dr.
  •  Holly Vista Dr. (from Shore Dr. to Sebastian Dr.)
  •  Madison Dr.
  •  Mattox Bay Dr.
  •  Monroe Dr.
  •  Monticello Dr.
  •  N. Cedar Ln.
  •  Piney Forest Dr.
  •  Potomac Ln.
  •  Rolando Dr.
  •  S. Cedar Ln.
  •  San Juan Dr.
  •  San Pedro Dr.
  •  Santa Anita Dr.
  •  Sebastian Dr.
  •  Shore Dr.
  •  Stratford Dr.
  •  Sylvan Glade Dr.
  •  Wakefield Dr. 
  •  Westmoreland Dr.